The ‘UN HR Council’ & ‘What Are Your Rights?’ Sections

Both the UN Human Rights Council and the What are Your Rights? sections are up.

The What are Your Rights? section, however, is still be worked on.  For further information and details please see the Further Resources section.

‘How to File a Complaint’ finished

The section ‘How to File a Complaint’ has been finished.

In this section the forms, their instructions, where to send them to and what kinds of violations of your rights you should report are explained.

Also further documents have been added to the ‘Further Reading’ section.

The corresponding section on the Human Rights Council, the Special Rapporteur, Questions and Answers and What are Your Right? are still being written.

Thank you,

‘Contact Us’ & ‘Further Reading’

The Contact Us and Further Reading Sections have been added.

While the contact options are limited there is now the possibility to give your feedback to the website.  Please let us know if you have any comments!

Additionally there are a variety of resources and articles that have been added.  Much more will be added in the  future.

Site Launch and Disclaimer

The draft of the IHEU website on Protocols for UN Human Rights Violations of the Freedom of Religion and Belief is launched!


Please Note:

This is a provisional site and will be regularly edited and likely moved in the coming months.

Please feel free to view and use whatever content that is already posted.

However, again, please note that IHEU does not take responsibility for any mis-information posted to the website before it is moved from the platform.   This is a provisional website in development and will be edited and change frequently.

Information will be posted in the coming months that will be changed, expanded upon and retracted as it is edited for errors.