Further Resources

Know Your Rights!

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

-The entire UN Declaration of Human Rights which details all of your inter-related rights.  Related to Freedom of Religion and Belief and related issues are Articles 1, 2, 18, 19, 20 and 26.  Full Declaration.

UN Declaration on Eliminating Intolerance
of Religion & Belief 

– The full title is the Declaration on Elimination of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion and Belief.  It outlines in 8 short articles your human rights!  Full Declaration.  Updated Full Declaration.


Blasphemy & Defamation Laws 

‘Speaking Freely About Religion’

-A detailed IHEU policy paper concerning Religious Freedom and the relationship between Blashpemy and Defamation in UN Resolutions.  Full Text.

‘Combating Defamation of Religion’

-IHEU article on efforts by Islamic Nations to introduce blasphemy laws under new name.  Full Article.


Abuses of Freedom of Religion & Belief
Around the World

Special Rapporteur’s ‘Digest on Freedom
of Religion and Belief’

-Excerpts of the Special Rapporteurs UN reports from  1986 – 2011 arranged by topics.  Full Report.

UN site’s ‘Issues in Focus’ 

-UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights yearly issues in focus on freedom of religion and belief.  Website.

Special Rapporteur’s Report
Paraguay 2011

-A sample of the UN Special Rapporteur for Religion and Belief’s country visit and report on Human Rights issues in Paraguay in March 2011.  Full Report.

Africa’s Blapshemy Laws

-IHEU representative Leo Igwe’s statement on the abuses and severity of Blashpemy laws in coutnries throughout Africa.  Full Statement.

Pakistan’s Blashpemy Laws

-An IHEU article discussing incidents of Blashpemy in Pakistan.  Full Article.

-2001, Dr. Yunis Shaikh peace activist and founder of the Progressive group ‘Enlightenment’ convicted of death sentence.  Full Article.

Abolishment of UK Blasphemy Laws

-As late as 2008, Blasphemy laws were in place in the UK but repealed after debate in the House of Lords.  Full Article.